Exceeding expectations, single-handedly crafted "Out of This World" brand identity: voice, values, captivating logo. On time, ready to thrive.

Class Project

Crafting a brand identity for Brian Cosmo, a celebrity-caliber mobile stylist in Hollywood, meant weaving luxury, innovation, and artistic mastery into a logo that shines as brightly as his clients.

Client Work

Hacking the achievement gap one line at a time. This non-profit empowers disadvantaged high schoolers to crack the code of computer science. Forget dusty textbooks, they equip them with the tools and skills to write their own future. They require a visual manifesto that screams “Innovation with a mission”

Design Contest

The logo should be scalable and reproducible without losing its impact or legibility. The color palette should be carefully chosen to reflect TruBlu's brand personality and appeal to the target audience of young adults who prioritize health and wellness. The typography should be clear, easy to read, and complement the overall logo design.

Health & Fitness
Design Contest

Sharp blue. Crisp lines. Bold trust. DC3's logo: where cutting-edge tech meets clear purpose. Impress gov't partners, secure a safer future. Mission Accomplished.

Military Aerospace
Design Contest

My "W&K" interlaced enigma cracked the intrigue code. Sleek, layered initials whisper confidentiality, beckoning curious eyes. This standout masterpiece is tailor-made for brands who dare to be different.

Client Work